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Great atmosphere, great rolls, diverse menu options. Would go back!

Kevin Haro

Fantastic fish, good and friendly service, and nice atmosphere.

Emelye Weimer

Great FRESH sushi, and wonderful customer service. I initially ordered Yaki Udon, and they accidentally made the Soba dish. The waiter very politely asked if I would like the Soba, and offered to remake it otherwise. The dish looked amazing so I agreed, and am glad I did. They offered again to make the original dish, and I told them it was fine so they offered a complimentary ice cream dessert. I didn't expect the complimentary dessert and was very happy with the Soba anyway, but really appreciate the lengths the staff took to ensure we enjoyed our meal! Also ordered the nigiri + roll lunch combo, the fish was fresh and tasty and the roll was great too. We'll be back soon for sure!

Miles Thomas

Excellent Sushi, incredibly fresh! The staff is consistently friendly and accommodating to my allergy needs and the sushi chefs are well trained. No fish farmed taste, everything I've had has been melt in your mouth fresh fish. It's a rare gem to find a sushi restaurant this good no matter where you live, and a sure sign that the Tri Cities is growing up.

They serve otoro - rare for a restaurant in eastern Washington - and it is phenomenal. This is the new king of sushi in the Tri-Cities. Try the oyster shooters to start, the monkfish liver to follow, and the omakase to finish. You won't be sorry.

Sean Hodgson

Relaxing environment, assortment of beverages, excellent staff, delicious sushi, moderate portion sizes. Recommend adding to list of sushi places to frequent.

Jez Carter

Upscale dinner or laid-back lunch.

Colin Brislawn

Super fresh, varietal sushi, sashimi, and creative rolls in clean, modern Zen hypno setting

Karen Vaniver